The Labour of Our Heroes

By Temilola Adepetun; MD School Kits Limited.

Lagos, Nigeria – 01 May 2016 – There is a special breed of heroes whose labour and influence keeps the world moving forward.  This special breed of heroes are the working class men and women who strive every day, come rain or shine, to ensure that everyday life and activities are possible.

In a complex country like Nigeria, it is these working class men and women that keep the wheels of the nation’s economy running and trundling along despite all the inefficiencies that abound.

From the men and women who run the various transport services (Buses, Taxis, Motorcycles, Tricycles etc.) that get us from one destination to the other.

To, the men and women in uniform who maintain law and order, keeping us safe and sane while trying their best to ensure that justice is served equitably.

To, the men and women who against all odds establish and run businesses that make it possible for the nation’s working class men and women to be engaged and productive.

To, the men and women who work tirelessly as teachers, school administrators, stay-at-home parents, working parents etc. to ensure that tomorrow’s generation are equipped with the right knowledge, training and tools to function effectively in society.

These men and women are Nigeria’s most important assets. Though their labour may often go unnoticed; the absence of their services will surely grind the nation to a halt.

As the nation goes through a season of socioeconomic challenges, we have an opportunity to double down on the investment required to ensure that these heroes are best positioned to enjoy the fruits of their labours when the economy turns around.

One this workers’ day, it is important we recognize and celebrate the hard work and the efforts of these great Nigerian heroes.

Happy workers’ day to our everyday heroes!

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