5 Fun Things To Do This Easter Holiday

Easter is a festival and holiday that celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is one of the important holidays in the world.

For Christian faithfuls, it’s a time to reflect on the historic event. For everyday workers and school kids, it’s an extended weekend filled with lots of opportunities to relax, unwind and connect with family and loved ones. Knowing that you may be concerned about what to do over the Easter holiday, SchoolKits– the family loving people- have put together a list 5 Fun things to do this Easter;

Go Swimming

Swimming is a good form of exercise that can help the family relax and de-stress. It is great for your health as it keeps your heart rate up; builds muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness; and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

But before you go swimming, ensure that you choose a safe swimming environment. Also ensure that there is at least one experienced swimmer around. And most importantly, ensure that every member of the family has the right swimming aids (googles, floaters, water bottles, caps etc.).

Play Family Board Games

Family board games (like Monopoly, Chess, Ludo, Scrabble, Ayo etc.) are great tools for family entertainment, relaxation and bonding.

Board games are also important tools for cognitive development and memory formations in children as it helps them develop logic, reasoning and social life skills as well as improve critical thinking.

Educational toys are effective learning tools to spur creative thinking in kids. This holiday  affords you a great deal of time to explore learning with them. You can go for Leap frog  and LEGO edutoys, they make learning fun and magical for kids.

Go Roller Skating

In terms of health benefits, Roller skating has been estimated to be equivalent to jogging. Most kids prefer roller skating to jogging as it is more fun!

Roller skating is also a social activity which provides opportunities for families to connect, work together as well as learn important skills from each other.

But before you hit the streets or rink to roller skate, ensure you are dressed comfortably for the occasion and also ensure that you have the right gear.

Read a Book

Reading a book has many benefits. From stress relief to knowledge expansion to mental stimulation. Finding time to read is often difficult in today’s hyper mediated world filled with multiple media channels (electronic, social, online etc.) which sometimes constitute a distraction.

So spending some quality time reading with the family this Easter holiday is a worthy investment. Especially with the kids as they require regular reading to expand their vocabulary and learning capacities, and also to develop better writing skills.

But before you start , you need to invest in quality books with proper grammar and valuable moral and life lessons.

Visit Family & Friends

For many generations, we had a rich culture of social interactions that involved friends and family, but modernity as slowly eroded these close ties.

This holiday is another opportunity for families to rekindle these relationships by taking time out to visit family and friends. These visits could also double as road trips, providing opportunities to learn about new places.

As you hit the road, remember to take along your gifts (if possible) and other essential items such as like water bottles, coolers, sports gear, story books in your backpacks.

These are the 5 fun things that made the SchoolKits list. What other fun activities are on your list? Do share on our social media pages: Twitter: @SchoolKitsShop | Facebook: facebook.com/TheSchoolKitsLimited | Instagram: @SchoolKitsNG | BBM: C0045B90E.

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